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Moderately Priced Paperbacks

For our friends who like to hold the book in their hands.

More books coming soon!

About the Author

Chaz Alexander lives in Central Florida in an open relationship with his significant other of 25 years.. Having discovered his bisexuality as a young man, he continued this relationship over the years. A few years ago, he met a couple with whom he formed an instant attraction. He moved into their house (much to the chagrin of the in-laws) and they lived as an MMF trio for four years. Finally, before separating, they even bought a property together.

Now he and his significant other welcome the occasional male visitor for an evening or perhaps a weekend and explore the erotic experiences available when sharing intimacy with three people.

The stories in Chaz's books are based on real experiences he shared with his loved ones.

Disclaimer: Each book is an erotic story between a woman and two men. The series contains graphic material that is not suitable for persons under the age of 18, including M/M/F, M/F and M/M sexual encounters.

Go to my website for a new pdf with examples of all my books. Say hello." Thank you.

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