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Anal Erotic Women

I read quite often about women who are described by the writers as being anal erotic or open to having anal intercourse. I always wonder where these women were when I was dating. Even in the swinging era, I was not overwhelmed by women who wanted anal.

I’ve had a very sexual life. I came of age in the 60s and swinging 70s. The birth control pill made casual sex much more available. Of the several hundred women I’ve known intimately, I can only think of three that I know were anally erotic.

When I was dating, I met a girl who agreed to anal intercourse. It is my belief that she thought it made her more attractive than the other women. It was exciting and very erotic for me. She was a big girl with a plump butt and seemed to take intercourse easily. I was never sure she enjoyed it though.

Another woman I’ll describe was a friend of a fellow swinger. I never met her although he always promised to make it happen. As he described her, you’d never know that she’d be an anally erotic person who craved a cock up her butt. She was middle aged, divorced and worked as a clerk in an insurance office. He described her as passionate and ready to bend over and spread her cheeks at a moment’s notice. I’m sorry I missed it.

My most memorable anal experience was with the wife of a swinging couple with whom we had a relationship for several years. We two couples had open marriages and occasionally my wife would go on a date by herself. The opportunity was perfect. Our friend worked as an engineer and often worked late into the evening. One time his wife called and asked me to dinner. I was happy to accept as my wife was out. We ended up back at her home.

We’d had sex often so it was no surprise to head to the bedroom.

As we got naked she said. “I want to try anal sex tonight. I don’t trust Bryan to do it. He’s too much of a rabbit in bed.”

I assured her that I’d be careful and we had a very satisfying evening where I got her anal cherry.

For the next several years about three quarters of our sex was anal. We used saliva as a lubricant and she never complained. It was her preferred form of intercourse. She had several affairs and once described having sex with a well-endowed and very thick co-worker at her school. ‘I thought he’d split me open’ she said when she told me the story.

As a bi guy, I’ve received anal several times. I have mixed feeling about trying it again. Maybe a smaller cock would be more satisfying and less painful.

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