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I recently published the Hot Wife Diary as a paperback book. In the swinging days, I kept a record of our meetings with other couples and singles. I came across the spiral binder in which I made notes. They cover the period from 1975 until 1981. During that time we had had over 150 different people.

As I looked at the notes, I realized that I was glad that I’d kept the records. They were good times. I looked at the names and dates and remembered the people and the erotic times we had.

I thought, “I wonder how many other swingers would like to have a little book with prompts to jog the memory.” How about “Hot Wives?” Or “Cuckold husbands or “Bulls/lovers?”

I’ve been working on the Cuckold, Bull and Swingers Diaries and they’ll be available soon.

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