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The Two Nicest Things Women Ever Said to Me.

Memory is a funny thing. I have a hard time remembering what I read a minute ago but there are moments that I can recall from many years ago as if they had just happened. It seems that I remember things associated with my sex life more than the other thousands of things in a life. Childhood, High School, Air Force service, business, and many more events are gone forever. Sexual things litter my memory like trash after a football game.

The first one I remember was a comment a woman made as I was between her legs performing cunnilingus on her. The comment wasn’t directed to me but to another woman in the room. We were at a swinging party back in the 70s. My wife and I were attending and we had separated after we’d arrived. I loved eating pussy. It was the first sexual act I learned as a teen.

She leaned up and called across the room, “Hey, Linda, Come here. This guy really knows how to eat pussy!”

I was thrilled.

The second was with a casual acquaintance I met while working. I worked at a retail electronics store and an attractive woman came in looking for some widget that she needed that day. I learned she was moving out of state that day. She lived nearby and I volunteered to run over to her house to help with the electronics she needed. The details I don’t remember but we were really into each other that quickly. Ah, the good old days. I was erect before we got to her house. Just after we closed the door I unzipped and pulled it out.

She looked down and said, “Oh my god, you’re one of those little guys with a big cock.”

I was 5’ 6” tall and about 140 lbs. Maybe all of her experience was with smaller penises because I was only a little bigger than average.

Of all the things that have been said to me, I like those two the best.

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