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Be Careful What You Wish For

So, you want a hot wife.

Beware of what you wish for. This is only anecdotal, but there are stories of some men who imagined having their wife involved with other men only to learn that it wasn’t exactly what they had planned.

From my observations, many men fantasy about watching their wives or having the wife return from an extramarital affair and sharing the experience with them. Many have never mentioned it to the spouse and it becomes an imaginary situation to which they masturbate. Of course, fantasy is perfect. His expectations are fulfilled. His wife is happy to have explored her erotic thoughts and he gets to experience the exploration from the safety of their bed.

The fantasy goes something like this. The ultimate would be to meet the lover at a hotel and then watch as she and the new man explore all the positions and aspects of sex. Unless the husband is well endowed, the new lover is always bigger than he is and stays harder longer and uses his penis with great skill. The wife is greatly pleased and hugely satisfied and repays her husband with fantastic sex. At which point, he has his orgasm, cleans up and quickly returns to the real world.

But there are the few who pursue the fantasy and eventually find themselves watching the wife in the arms of another man. I think the idea that he might become a cuckold rarely occurs to a husband. It’s that gray area he fails to explore. What if the wife likes it? What if the new guy wants attention from the husband? What if the wife makes demands on her husband that he never expected?

I think that most of these husbands are straight men. The idea that they might be asked to have a relationship with the new man may never occur to them.

A wife may have her own agenda. If the husband wants her to abandon her vows there will be a price to pay. The fact that it’s enjoyable is of no consequence. She is doing it to satisfy her husband’s desire. It’s been said that some women may enjoy seeing their male partners involved in homosexual activity. As the affair progresses this fact may influence her thinking.

The plans have come together and the husband finds himself in a hotel room with their new acquaintance. Alcohol or pot has eased the tension and everyone is one the same page. The husband has dressed his wife to seduce her lover and it appears to be successful. He is attentive and aggressive. The wife is pleased to have a new man show her affection and say that he finds her attractive. Clothes come off and both men are sporting erections. The new lover is between her legs and the husband is masturbating to the sight.

All is well until she says, “Guide his cock into me.”

What? This is a new development. He’s never touched an adult penis other than his own. But this is his fantasy about to come true. He’s not gay. But his wife has requested it.

The scene on the bed is very erotic. He’s imagined it many times. The firm phallus, his wife’s lubricated labia and her legs spread wide all beckon him. Almost in a trance, he steps forward until his knees touch the bedside. It feels like someone else’s hand is moving toward the thick male organ. His own cock is bouncing about as he moves and finally touches the mattress. His hand is moving in slow motion and he feels the warm smooth skin as he wraps his fingers around the organ and guides it forward until the mushroom head touches the shiny pussy lips. His wife moans at the insertion.

The husband returns to his chair and watches as his wife and her lover experience a sensual union. The husband strokes his penis and fights to control his orgasm. After he has exhausted all his patience, he walks to the bedside and places his cock near his wife’s mouth. She instinctively turns her head and kisses the tip. Then she slides her husband’s cock into her mouth and caresses it with her tongue. Their lover watches with his mouth only inches away.

Their new lover begins to make guttural noises as his orgasm is imminent. The husband watches as he arches his back and pushes hard into the wife’s vagina. The husband’s ultimate fantasy is happening before his eyes. Their new lover appears to relax and starts a slow withdrawal. Hubby’s eyes are fixed on the juncture of his wife and her new lover’s genitals. The softening shaft slips from between the moist labia and rests against her thigh. The man who’s been visiting his wife’s vagina finally lifts himself and moves to the side of the bed. The fleshy butterfly of her vulva is in full view. It’s all very sexual.

Until the wife says, “Lick my pussy.”

A new shock. He can see their lover’s cum seeping out of her pussy. It’s shiny on her lips and white deeper. Another man’s cum. He can’t lick that. He can see her swollen clit. It’s bright and pink peeking through the soft folds. His wife beckons and spreads her legs further apart. Her arms are lifted towards him. Her lustful look is beseeching him. Slowly he kneels on the bed and then leans down close to her pubic area. The smell of sex is strong. It’s musky and he can tell it’s semen that he smells. His face is closer and his wife gently pulls his head closer. He uses the tip of his tongue to trace the lips. The salty flavor is not unpleasant. It’s only different. Finally, she pulls his mouth to her pussy and lifts her hips to meet his lips. She groans as his tongue caresses the sensitive button. Then he explores deeper. Their lover’s cum coats his tongue. His overwhelming desire to please her overcomes his reluctance and he presses his face tightly to her cunt. Her hips buck and she squirms as her orgasm rolls through her body.

As her orgasm subsides, Hubby climbs her body and his hard cock finds her vaginal opening. In another moment he is face to face with his wife as his penis is bathed in their lover’s semen. It’s warm and slippery and feels amazing.

There new lover kneels beside their heads and places his flaccid cock on her lips. They part and her tongue caresses the bottom of the organ.

“Share this with me,” she instructs.

Hubby hesitates but only for a heartbeat. He leans forward and places his lips against the soft flesh and licks it with his wife.

“More,” she encourages.

Hubby opens wider and the hardening organ occupies more of his mouth. Their lover moans in pleasure as he watches as his new couple licks and sucks his dick.

Now close to his orgasm, Hubby abandons all pretense of reluctance and sucks the whole penis as deep as he can. His hips piston in his wife’s pussy and his ejaculate is soon to mix with that which came before.

“You can suck him hard when we’re ready to go again,” she murmurs in his ear.

His orgasm sweeps over him as his semen fills his wife’s vagina and the resulting flood runs down his scrotum.

“Yes,” he says around the erect cock as the waves of pleasure wash over him.

The cuckolding is complete. From now on he’ll suck his wife’s lovers hard, clean their cocks and lick her cum-filled pussy when they’re through.

Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.

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