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Do you kiss?

In all my years as a bi guy, I never thought much about kissing another man. It wasn’t on my bucket list. I didn’t like facial hair anyway.

I’ve read of men who look forward to sharing a kiss with another man. Most of my experience with other men was in the MMF threesome arena. I don’t remember any pressure to kiss the male partner. Honestly, I don’t think anyone else ever wanted to kiss.

As I’ve said, I lived with a couple for 4 years as an MMF threesome. Most of our sex was threesome sex. He was very horny. One afternoon, soon after I had moved in, we were planning to have sex and were in the bedroom getting undressed in preparation. At the moment we were all standing nude at the foot of the bed. Our hubby leaned in and kissed his wife. They held the kiss for a moment and I felt his arm slide around my shoulders. This was new. I felt him draw me in toward them and soon our chests were touching. I was hesitant but if they wanted to share a threesome kiss with me, I was game. I closed my eyes and our three pairs of lips met.

As I shared the kiss and our tongues touched, I had an instant erection. I was surprised at this development and was aware that my hard cock was pressing between our bodies. His arm still held me firmly in the embrace and our kiss became more passionate. When we finally relaxed, I was short of breath and very aroused. We went on the have an amazing afternoon time in bed.

We shared several more threesome kisses in our time together. He and I never kissed on our own and I have no desire to now. If another man wanted to kiss me now, I think I’d accept it graciously and enjoy the compliment. If I can suck his cock (and maybe even more intimate things) why couldn’t I kiss him?

I’m reminded that there was a time when I would only allow male to male contact with a woman present. It took me several years to realize that was just a crutch to help me deal with my sexuality. I finally acknowledged that even if a woman was present I was still being intimate with another man. The threesome is still my fav.

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