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Do you remember your first time?

I’ll put this on the blog to see if someone would like to share.

Do you remember the first time you sucked a cock as an adult. You can share those puberty experiences too if you like.

I was dating a lady in Riviera Beach, FL. It was an hour drive from my place. We had been friends with benefits for many years. I was invited to her home one weekend night and she had been invited to a neighbor’s swinging party. This was new to me. It was the early 70s and swinging was only a rumor to me.

My lady friend was a fellatrix who took great pride in her skills. We met when we both served in the Air Force reserve. I was astonished at the size of her boobs. She was the first woman I knew who liked the affect she had on men when she sucked them. She knew she was in control.

Her neighbor was a single guy about my age and one of the first swingers I met. Later in the evening we walked over to his house. There were several couples already there. We fit right in as they all were about our age. The details of the party are a little vague but I remember one part very clearly.

About midway through the evening, I found myself on his bed with several other people. We were in a pile. There were arms and legs everywhere. We had been licking pussies and sucking nipples when someone shifted and the host’s penis appeared in front of my face. Let me say, that like many of the stories I’ve read about first times, I had not had a homosexual experience since I was about 12 and jacked off my best friend. It wasn’t like I had been waiting for the opportunity. It just presented itself. In the 70s bisexuality and more tolerant attitudes toward gay sex was not widely accepted.

I looked at his pink cock. He was circumcised and quite erect. I remember thinking, ‘I’d like to suck that.’ I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. It was much like mine. I liked the texture – the soft skin but firm organ. I pulled it closer and took the head into my mouth. I liked the taste and feel of it on my tongue. I tightened my lips into an “O” shape and slid them up and down the shaft. As I recall, I knew right then that I’d do it again given the opportunity.

It didn’t last long. The pile shifted again and the host moved to another position. The evening went on and I think everyone was happy.

That was my first time. Later I met several members of the swinging community and sucking our partner’s cocks became a routine part of the activity. I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

Post your story if you like. I’d love to hear it.

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I was 20 and back from a tour overseas. I was hitch hiking back to my apartment as my car was in the shop. This was 1970. A older (maybe 40) gentlemen picked me up and gave me a ride. By the time we got to the apartment I had a general idea, So, I invite him in for a beer. He of course was happy to come in. After about 10 minutes of chatting, I suggested either the bed or a blanket on the floor for more room. He chose the blanket.

We got naked fairly quickly and were kissing and touching. He when down on me and bought me to an orgasm. I felt obligated to t…

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