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Do you swallow?

Do you swallow?

I don’t.

“How can that be?” you ask.

In your writing both men and women provide oral sex to men and when the subject ejaculates they just swallow. Now you tell us that you don’t.

I suppose some explanation is necessary. I don’t swallow for two reasons which I’ll explain.

I’ve read online that many men relish semen and consider it a special treat to receive their partner’s semen. Many years ago, one of my first lovers was an admitted fellatrix. She was especially proud of her oral skills and satisfying her lovers orally was a favorite thing. But she didn’t swallow. I asked her why once and she explained that it made her queasy afterward. To avoid that discomfort, she would take a trip to the restroom and spit the semen out instead of swallowing. I’ve tasted semen and a mouthful is not my favorite thing so I avoid it.

The second reason is a result of a particular kink which is something that I enjoy. I’ll have to describe a typical event to explain. One weekend we had a lover spend Saturday night with us. My female partner got up Sunday morning and volunteered to make the three of us breakfast. As she worked in the kitchen, our guest went into the living room and relaxed on the sofa naked. I went to see how he was doing and walked in naked too. He was a well-endowed man and when I saw him sitting on the couch, his flaccid penis was laying against his thigh. His testicles were visible as he relaxed. The evening before, had been a very erotic episode with lots of man-to-man interaction. I had the overwhelming desire to touch and suck his cock right then. I smiled and kneeled between his knees.

“May I?” I asked.

He nodded yes and I took his soft cock in my hand and caressed his balls with the other. He began to harden immediately. As it thickened and lengthened, I began a slow stroking motion. Before it was fully erect, I took the smooth head in my mouth and swirled my tongue over it.

Soon it was fully erect and hard in my hand. I worked diligently on my task and sucked and masturbated his beautiful penis with my hand and mouth. In a couple of minutes, I felt the contractions start at the base of his shaft. He lifted his hips and met my movements with his own. I tasted the first drops of his cum.

Now for my kink. I pulled my mouth away from his cock and continued a firm stroking motion on the shaft. I felt the spasms in his cock and his ejaculate flowed from his meatus. I cupped my hand and caught the flow in the palm of my hand. Soon my hand was overflowing with cum. His orgasm passed and he relaxed and settled on the seat once again. It was very erotic and I was excited by the action. My cock was rigid. I stood and laved my penis with the warm semen. I looked at his cock as it began to soften and return to its flaccid state. His big balls rested between his thighs as his knees were on the outside of my legs. I began a firm quick stoke using his cum as my lubrication. It felt amazing. I can only compare it to the very sensuous feeling of having intercourse just after your female partner has received our partner’s ejaculation. It only took a few minutes until I aimed my cock at his pubic area and squirted my cum all over his cock and balls.

And, that’s the second reason I don’t swallow.

I dashed to the bath and returned with a towel which I used to mop us up. The call came that breakfast was ready and the three of us sat at the breakfast nook naked.

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Chaz: I fully understand using cum as lubrication and that is fine. But not swallowing because it makes you queasy or the taste seems silly. It is not my favorite thing to swallow (tens to be to salty for me) but it is quick and gone. Holding it in my mouth to then gracefully to go to the bathroom and spit it outs seems like a waste of time. I prefer that my partner swallow and then clean up any leftovers or traces and gradually bring my erection down. Then go get a warm cloth and come back and clean up the residual.

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