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I'm addicted to "sloppy seconds."

I’m addicted to sloppy seconds.

It all started back in the swinging days. I was at a party and I watched a couple engaged in intercourse. This was before I had acknowledged my bisexual tendencies and all the sex was heterosexual. Watching the couple have sex was very erotic. I moved closer and could see his thick cock slipping through her wet labia. I’ve always been fascinated with other men’s balls. I’ve watched as they swung back and forth with the motion of his body. By the time he reached his orgasm I was lying close beside them.

He finished grunting and thrusting as I watched his butt cheeks clench and his ball sack move up and down with his orgasm. I was very horny and as soon as he stopped moving I spoke.

“My turn,” I said.

They both were surprised and they both looked at me disapprovingly. I apologized but by now I was kneeling with my erection throbbing and glistening with pre-cum. The guy reluctantly moved from between her legs and she lay there with her legs spread and his semen dripping from her gaping vagina. It was an amazing sight. I moved between her legs and leaned forward until the head of my penis touched the soft slippery lips. My cock disappeared in one smooth motion.

That’s the first time that I remember the experience of having intercourse immediately after the woman has received a load of cum. The feeling was exquisite. Smooth and lubricated beyond anything I’d ever experienced. I’ve read numerous descriptions of that feeling. All of them pale compared to the real thing. There must be some sort of psychological event taking place. Could it be that the male mind is excited by the idea of having one’s cock slathered in another man’s semen? Maybe it’s having sex with the woman so quickly after he withdraws. You establish some dominance by filling her pussy with your ejaculate. I don’t know but I crave that feeling and for many years it’s been a highlight of my sex life.

When I came out as being bi and became more comfortable expressing my desires, I discovered how intense intercourse became if I was able to suck a penis as I had intercourse. Every emotion and feeling was magnified when I had oral sex and vaginal sex together. Maybe it’s like the experience a woman experiences when she has double penetration or a “spit roast.”

In the Hot Wife community it’s known as “reclaiming sex.” It seems very common when a woman comes home after a date and her husband has been waiting to have sex since she left. I’ve experienced that but the MMF threesome has been my favorite activity for many years.

I remember one evening when a guest insisted on using a condom. As soon as he put it on, my desire evaporated. I realized that there would be no sloppy seconds for me and I was tremendously disappointed. I think I even lost my erection that night. (Let’s skip the “Safe Sex” lecture.)

Yep, I”m addicted to sloppy seconds.

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