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Is Anal for You?

Is Anal for You?

I’m not a gay man. ‘So what?’ you ask. I think that being identified as gay opens you up to anal sex by definition. Oral sex? Absolutely. Anal sex? Maybe.

I identify as a bisexual man. I’ve been so for many years and have acknowledged that oral sex is a given. It took me a while to get around to anal sex.

In my opinion, anal stimulation is widely experienced by all men whether straight or bi. The location of the prostate gland within the anal cavity is natures little joke. After a certain age, it becomes necessary for men to have the rectal examination. Every doctor who’s ever been up there has handed me a wad of tissue to catch the seminal fluid that will escape when the gland is massaged. And even though you may never have had a finger up your rectum, that massage has erotic ramifications. I’ve known some women who’ve learned that secret and give the most exotic oral sex when they incorporate it in their manipulation.

Many men have experimented with anal stimulation to enhance their orgasm during masturbation. An anal plug or dildo is best but I’ve used some unusual things just because they were handy. Exerting pressure on the gland will enhance your pleasure. The gland provides much of the explosive nature of your climax. Stimulating it as you orgasm pushes the pleasure factor.

I’ve explored rimming in another post but let’s revisit the practice for a moment. There is a certain level of comfort with a partner involved with rimming. Personally, I think that diligently cleaning the area is sufficient. I used somewhat stringent activities to be really clean. All forms of oral sex require some suspension of standards.

Does the receiver of rimming enjoy it? Absolutely. I had one female lover who enjoyed being used to provide anal stimulation. I’d kneel over her face and slowly lower my buttocks until I felt her lips and tongue on my rectal area. The pleasure was even more intense when I’d spread my cheeks and press my rectum firmly on her mouth and experience her tongue exploring the opening. This normally ended with her aggressively pushing my face down to her clitoris for her over-the-top orgasm.

Being the receiver is very pleasurable. I’ve also enjoyed being the giver over the years. Not long ago we had a weekend at a nudist resort where we met a younger black man in the pool. Back in the room, he kneeled on the bed while my female partner gave him oral sex. As he kneeled there before me I looked at his smooth perfectly shaped buttocks. I caressed them and finally leaned close to the crease of his ass. He smelled like chlorine and pool water. As he was moaning in pleasure from his blow job, I pushed his cheeks apart and traced his rectum with my tongue. He was very vocal about how much he enjoyed it.

I was curious about anal sex for many years. I admit to wondering what it was like and whether I’d like it. I had already explored anal stimulation and found it enjoyable. I wondered if I’d like the real thing. I had a friend with benefits for several years. It was not an exclusive arrangement and I knew that she had other lovers. In our post-sex chats, we’d discussed my being bisexual and curiosity. One time she called and described a young married guy who she was seeing. One of his fantasies was to have anal sex with a man. She asked if I was interested and I confirmed that I was. We arranged to meet at her home.

The night arrived and I was at her house right on time. As he was married, there was not a lot of time. They were naked on the bed when I arrived. She had a bottle of liquid lubrication handy. He had a nice cock. It was average size. I didn’t think it would be uncomfortable. I took of my closes and assumed the position in the middle of the mattress. She did the honors of lubing my ass and his cock. I knew the trick of pressing down internally to relax the sphincter. He scooted up behind me and I felt his penis touch my butt. I took a deep breath and exerted the internal pressure.

He guided his cock to my wrinkled hole and pressed gently. I held still and even pressed back. The head pushed the sphincter muscle open and soon he was half way in me. There were a few moments of discomfort but it soon passed. We both wanted him to cum so he began to quicken his pace. My cock was hard and bobbing under my stomach. I felt his balls touch mine on the in stroke. It was very erotic.

Soon he announced, “I’m gonna cum.”

I grunted my approval and leaned back on his penis. I felt the contractions and his cock throbbed as he squirted his cum up my butt. He rested on my back a moment and finally pulled his cock out. I cleaned up in the bath and he dressed and left. Not long after, I had a very nice orgasm with her.

I had a male friend with whom I had a friend-with-benefits relationship. We had anal sex several times with him as the receiver. I liked it. I liked kneeling behind him and guiding my cock into his asshole. He was tight and we used lubrication. I had good orgasms and I always finished him with a hand/mouth job.

Later when I lived as a threesome, we talked about my having anal sex as a bottom for our partner. I took the time to clean inside and out. This time, our female partner was involved to prep me. I kneeled on the bed with my shoulders on the mattress and my butt in the air. There are several other positions but I liked that one. She sat beside me and lubricated her hand and my opening. She inserted one finger. When I was comfortable she put in two more. When she had stretched me until it felt comfortable, she motioned for him to kneel behind me and she guided his cock to my rectum. He was a little below average in size and I accommodated him easily. He entered me slowly and once embedded deeply began his in and out motions. I pressed back against his movement. It didn’t take him long and I felt the tremors as he shot his load in my ass. I didn’t cum until I had sex with our female partner.

If you’ve ever experimented with anal stimulation and found it pleasant, you’re probably a candidate for anal intercourse. A large organ may present some problems. I’ve had dildos that were too large for comfort. I never accommodated a large penis. I’ve heard anecdotally of men who said that initially it hurt but that the pain was replaced with pleasure as the muscles got used to the size. I’m afraid that may be porn fiction.

Anal intercourse is a popular activity in both the straight heterosexual and bisexual or gay community. From my experience and research, lubrication and patience are the two main factors that determine the pleasure of the event.

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