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MFM or MMF, A comparison


The threesome is a very erotic sexual combination. But it can be very different depending on the orientation of the male participants.

A situation where two men are having sex with one woman is called an MFM, or Male-Female-Male. I remember a female friend telling me about her only threesome.

She said, “They just took turns fucking me.”

I thought that was really boring. She wasn’t too excited about it either. At least they should have explored the “spit-roast” or the “double penetration.”

The limitations in an MFM are that the two guys refrain from touching the other man. Obsessively so. Neither one would want to be labeled as gay. So long as they’re at each end of the female’s body, all is well. They’ll never be accused of being homosexual. All is right with their world.

But let’s examine the MMF threesome. It has become standard to refer to two Bisexual men and a woman (straight or bi) to be referred to as an MMF or Male-Male-Female. The options are almost without number. As a bi-guy, I’ve experienced many MMF threesomes. I’ve even been in a couple of MFM in which I was the bi-guy. Let’s just say, it was uncomfortable for me. After years of being out as bi, I found it a real challenge to refrain from touching our male partner. Of course, I never want to offend anyone so I try and never be in that position.

Everyone is aware of what’s to come if they understand that they’re participating in a bisexual encounter. It’s not unusual for me to start things off by making the first move to expose our partner’s penis and suck it to an erection if necessary. I’ll then invite my female partner to join me and we’ll give our guest a double blow job. After that, it’s open season. Usually one of the men will provide oral stimulation to our female partner while the other continues to stimulate him or receive oral from the woman. It’s all very exciting to see and do.

At some point it is time for our guest’s orgasm. It’s well known that having intercourse with my female partner after she has been filled with semen by our male friend is my favorite thing. I usually say, ‘Guests first.’ A second favorite thing is to guide the other guy’s cock into her waiting pussy. It is so erotic to wrap my fingers around his firm shaft and place the head against her labia and watch his penis disappear into her pussy. By now, he’s comfortable with my touch so, depending on his reaction, I like to caress his testicles and, given a little encouragement, play with his butt and anal area.

If everyone is comfortable, it doesn’t have to stop there. I’ve topped our guest as he has intercourse with the woman and licked her clit and his shaft as he has intercourse with her.

When we lived as a threesome, the other guy had large amounts of semen when he came. As I went second, her vagina was so slippery that I had trouble achieving enough friction to reach my orgasm. After a while he would help by slipping his hand between our legs and sliding his fingers along the length and around my cock and provide the additional friction to bring on my climax. It was an amazing feeling.

I would also find it stimulating to suck our partner’s soft penis while I had intercourse and he kneeled beside us after he came. I liked the taste of his cum and her secretions on his dick as I buried my cock in her wet cavern.

The MMF is an erotic, exciting and satisfying arrangement which I wish everyone could experience.

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