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Passed Lovers

Three lovers who’ve passed

I've recently learned that three of my longtime female lovers have died. I guess that's the price of getting old. (Not "older" as some say.). None of the three were Significant Others. My two ex-wives are still alive. They were friends with benefits for whom I cared. I'm sorry they're gone. I'm not religious but I hope that if there is an after life, they're in a good place.

I knew Jean for over 40 years. After I served in the Air Force, I was assigned to a Reserve Unit on Homestead AFB in Florida. I was a captain. I walked into the admin office and saw an attractive woman with huge boobs. I've always been a breast guy and I was fascinated. Although I was local, I told my wife that I had to spend the weekend on the base and stayed in the Bachelor Officers Quarters on Friday and Saturday nights. Jean was from Central Florida and was the only woman in the unit so they gave her a room too. It wasn't long before we were spending one weekend a month together.

Jean had been a stewardess in the old Military Air Transport Service and married a pilot. After she got divorced she lived alone and worked as a technical editor in the space business in Florida. She could really type. And she was a fellatrix. She didn’t swallow because she said it made her feel queasy. But for a young married guy who never go sucked off, it was amazing. And I loved her boobs.

One weekend she had told me she had a dinner date. Later in the evening, I was walking back to my room when I noticed the light on in her room. I rapped on the door and she invited me in. I asked her how the date went. She said that they got back to her room and he was there about 2 minutes and left. I understood right away that he was a “Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’m” guy who’d had his orgasm, tucked it back in his pants and left.

I smiled and said, “I can help you with that.”

“What?” she asked. “I just had sex with him.”

“I know. I don’t mind,” I answered.

I’d never had a cream pie before but I knew I wanted to lick her pussy and then fuck it. She took a little convincing but soon she was on her back in bed with her big soft cunt spread wide open. It didn’t take her long before she clamped her thighs on my head and rolled through her orgasm. And I soon had mine.

After my divorce we continued to see one another whenever possible. Her neighbor invited me to my first swinging party and she joined me and a girlfriend once in bed.

She moved to North Carolina and we eventually lost touch. I’m sorry she’s gone.

Olivia was a single mom with twin daughters. They were awful. The house was a mess. They never picked up anything. Livy went back to school and became a nurse. We dated when I was single/divorced. She’d spend time at my apartment and we became lovers. She wasn’t very adventurous. When we broke up, she asked why and I told her that she’d never sucked me. She replied that she sucked me often. I answered that it was never to completion. Which was true.

She did do one nice thing. I liked leaning back against the head board and spreading my legs wide. I’d masturbate while she licked my testicles. I wanted her to lick lower but she never did. It did feel good to cum on my belly.

My daughters and the twins became friends but we lost touch after a while. She never remarried.

Mara was another girl with big titties which I loved. We met when I was working at an electronics store and she was shopping for an item for the medical office where she worked. She never admitted it but I’m sure she groped my butt as we walked through the store looking for the product. I was divorced and she was single. I think she had a long term affair with her boss/doctor while we knew each other.

She told me that I taught her more about sex than anyone else she had met. We were a little kinky. I used to like to get really clean, put a butt plug up my ass and hold it in place with nylon briefs. Then I’d drive to her house for an afternoon of sex. One of my favorite orgasms was with her finger up me while I masturbated on her big soft tits. She also liked my rimming her. We never did her anally but I licked her for hours.

I took one of my bi buddies to visit her one time. She watched as we sucked each other.

After we had known one another for a year or so, I had an accident which required surgery and bed rest. When I got out of the hospital, Mara was the only person to offer me help. I stayed in her extra bedroom and she helped me during my recovery. (I was on crutches.) I was always grateful.

I was seeing her when I met the couple I moved in with as an MMF threesome.

Three women in my life who I had long term relations with. I’ll always remember them and I’m sorry they’re gone.

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At 17, I used to visit a neighbor where we lived. He was over 50 and he was obsessed with my arse. For weeks, he would strip me in his garage, bend me over a bench and finger and lick my arse and us


Charles Read
Charles Read
Aug 26, 2021

When we get old we like to reflect on good times with interesting women, men, couples and groups. I am 72 and have a few reminiscences of my own. For me the women stand out more than the guys but, oh well! I continue to make new ones so when I get to 100 years old (or more) I will have plenty to keep me pleasantly occupied. Probably should start writing them down to keep track before the Alzheimer's kicks in, lol.

Aug 27, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Charles. Write them! I think it improves your memory about the events. I found two old polaroid pics that I had no memory of. :) Me sitting on a neighbor's cock.

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